Helpline Numbers, Websites To Find Oxygen Cylinders, Remedesivir, COVID Essentials in Hyderabad

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Covid19 cases are on a rise in Telangana. Every day, the state is reporting thousands of new cases. With this, the number of deaths has also increased.  If the cases keep rising and the number of patients getting admitted to the hospital increases, chances are that even Telangana runs out of oxygen cylinders.

As of now, there was no shortage reported in the state as the government was keeping a check ensuring, the cylinders don’t run out. But looking at the situation and the rise in the number of COVID patients at the hospitals, a shortage is likely.

Apart from oxygen cylinders, the state is not concerned about other essential things like Remdesivir injections as there is enough stock for it. Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao is taking necessary steps to guarantee there is no black marketing of these injections. Hospitals require oxygen cylinders, Remdesivir, plasma and other medical necessities to treat a Covid patient.

If you are a resident of Hyderabad, Telangana, we have got a list for you. In case you require any of the Covid-related medical essentials, you can contact the below numbers. Share this list with anyone you know who needs these resources.

Need For Blood

You can contact these numbers for not just blood requirement but in case you want to donate blood as well. They will hook you up with someone in need. These numbers are for those residing in Hyderabad and not outside the city.

  1. 9490617440

  2. 9490616780

  3. 8662410978

WEBSITES: (You can fill in your details and find the donor here.)

For Blood donation, you can either call any of the numbers or check certain pages on social media. Many times, donors will leave their contact on their social media handles.

Need For Beds

In case you need beds, please contact these numbers.

  1. +91 7287000333

  2. +91 8247396699

  3. 040 29555148

  4. +91 7993766123

Please note that these numbers are for people residing in Hyderabad. Those in need of beds can contact the above numbers.

Need For Plasma (Require/Donation)

Contact these numbers in case you need plasma or would like to donate it. Remember, that you need to test negative for Covid19, in case you want to donate plasma.

  1. Mr Narayana Reddy: 9848044479, 7331101444

  2. Plasma Assistance Number: 9490616555

  3. Naveen Plasma Bank: +91 85208 21059

  4. HCSC Helpline Number: +91-9490616780

  5. Cyberabad- SCSC Helpline Number: +91-9490617440

  6. Rachaconda Covid Division: +91 94906 17234, 07331101444

WEBSITES: (If not the numbers, you can always take a look at these websites.)

These are official websites that work to provide plasma to Covid patients. The HCSC is running a plasma donation campaign, you can contact for donation.

Need For Remdesivir

Remdesivir (Veklury) is important in treating Covid19. It is the drug that is given mostly in the first week along with convalescent plasma. To get the Remdesivir injections, you can contact these numbers.

  1. Covifor: 1800 103 4696

  2. Mr Srinivas: 9440047804

  3. LifeGuard Medicals: 9866350149

  4. Hetero World: +91 40 23704923 /24/ 25

Need For Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen cylinders are of paramount importance in the treatment of Covid19. Those in critical condition are put on ventilators. In case of an emergency, call these numbers.

  1. Hyderabad Oxygen - 7207278701

  2. Oxygen Main Cylinders - 9581390865

  3. Faiz Oxygen - 9989462127

  4. Asian Surgicals - 8639790969

  5. Naidu Oxygen - 9100305036

  6. Omar Bhai Oxygen - 9703344244

  7. Oxygen Concentration - 9100100009

As oxygen cylinders are one of the major concerns for the Covid treatment hospitals, the government has urged everyone to help each other and use these cylinders judiciously.

Advice from medical experts and doctors, please continue wearing a mask, use sanitiser and maintain social distancing. Upon experiencing any symptoms, come to the hospital or go for a doctor check-up. Also, all Indian citizens above the age of 18 are eligible to take COVID jabs from May 1. 

Note: Wrong Number: This Person Doesn't Supply Oxygen Cylinders For Covid Patients

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