Good News For Telangana Theatres

 - Sakshi Post

The state government has good news for movie theater owners. Cinema theaters in Telangana have now been permitted to collect parking fees again. However, in case of multiplexes and commercial complexes, parking fees cannot be charged. The government has issued orders allowing ordinary theaters to charge parking fees. From now on, the owners of all single-screen theaters in the state can charge parking fees for spectators visiting their cinema halls.

The government has recently issued orders amending GO No 63, issued in 2018, to abolish parking fees. But for the multiplexes and commercial complexes, the orders issued earlier will remain in force. The government has taken into account the pleas of the owners that the parking and movement of vehicles at many cinema theaters is a violation of peace and security due to lack of supervision. Earlier, the Telangana government had decided to reopen theaters on the 23rd of this month. 

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