Gandhi Hospital Hyderabad: No Beds, Mortuary Full as COVID Cases Jump

 - Sakshi Post

There are so many active corona cases as of now that even the hospitals don’t know what to do. The beds are full, oxygen cylinders are running out and even the mortuaries do not have space. The Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad is now facing a similar situation.

As of Sunday evening, the extra bodies were kept on the fourth floor of the hospital. On Monday evening, these bodies were sent for disposal. The nurses have shared that the hospital is facing a crisis like situation. The number of deaths has increased. The biggest problem is the shortage of oxygen cylinders.

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As reported earlier, this is not just the case in Hyderabad, but many hospitals in Bengaluru are also facing difficulties due to the shortage of cylinders. Recent reports from the Bengaluru hospitals claim that the oxygen supply has completely dried up.

Karnataka’s health minister shared that the state does not use all of their daily manufactured oxygen cylinders. Out of 812 metric tonnes, only 273 metric tonnes is used. The hospitals are now in a state of bewilderment. The hospital staff has alleged that the Nodal officer is not responding to their concern. On the other hand, the nodal officer, Deputy Drug Controller Bhaskaran J said that he arranged the oxygen cylinders for several hospitals.

The nurses in the Gandhi hospital are contemplating if they should continue working or not. Many of them are getting infected. The risk has increased and in the last 2 weeks, as many as 15 nurses tested positive for coronavirus.

None of the rules is being followed properly. The nurses in Gandhi Hospital are not getting paid well. They don’t get medical or risk allowances, food or proper leaves. The quarantine policies have become a joke too. The risk of contracting the infection is so high that the nurses do not want to continue working.

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