Etela Rajendar's Open Letter To KCR Goes Viral

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A letter addressed to KCR by Etela Rajendar while he was the Medical Health Minister for the TRS party has gone viral. 

Hyderabad: Former Telangana minister Etela Rajendar has been a member of the BJP for two weeks. Before he was fired as a TRS minister, a series of dramatic events occurred. Etela asserted that he had been ousted by the TRS leadership on purpose. Etela Rajendar said that he was targeted because he questioned certain programmes and decisions of the TRS government. Etela then left the TRS and moved to Delhi to join the BJP.

Against this backdrop, a letter sent by Etela Rajendar to KCR when he was the Minister of Medical Health and a member of the TRS party has gone viral. Rajender appears to have requested KCR to pardon him for the wrong he did, according to the letter.

In the letter, he explains that he had committed some misdeeds. Etela, who reportedly drafted this viral letter, explains that he had committed mistakes as a result of the actions of others. His supporters, on the other hand, believe it is a fake letter. They are planning to will file a complaint with the local DSP in this regard.

According to the letter, Etela may have committed several mistakes during his career. "I will make sure that such errors do not occur again. Give me another opportunity, think of me as your brother," Etela reportedly wrote in the letter.

The latest reports suggest that the letter is fake, and Etela Rajender did not write it. The former Minister is said to have filed a complaint with the police about the false letter, requesting that the authorities take harsh action against those who circulated it.

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