Dasari Arun Rebuts Brother’s Charges, Claims It’s His House Too!

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HYDERABAD: The sibling feud over property between the two sons of legendary Tollywood director late Dasari Narayana Rao doesn’t appear to die down anytime soon. A day after his brother Dasari Prabhu accused him of trespassing into his house and lodged a police complaint, Dasari’s younger son Arun Kumar came before the media here on Saturday to defend himself stoutly.y

He rubbished Prabhu’s claim that he assaulted his elder brother and his family. He however acknowledged that he had indeed climbed up the huge main entrance gate to gain access inside but did not attack anyone as was being alleged. Arun Kumar, a struggling actor himself, sought to clarify that he and his brother only property disputes between them and there was no enmity. He also dismissed all the allegations made by his elder brother against him.

“It’s true that I jumped over the main entrance gate and went inside the house. I went there to collect a document that was delivered there by courier. I repeatedly rang the doorbell but still the door was not opened. That’s why, I jumped over the gate. Prabhu came when I went inside. I asked Prabhu for my document but instead he complained to the police. And right in the presence of the police, I collected my document and left the house. What’s wrong if I jump over the gate go into my own house? If I was really drunk (as alleged by his brother), I should have been off my feet after jumping over the gate.

“Also, if I had really assaulted them, the police, who were right there, would have arrested me. The house where Prabhu is living belongs to all three of us including my sister. We have no differences between me and my brother or our sister. He is in depression. That is precisely why he is approaching the police and the media every now and then. It’s not appropriate to drag the industry people into our internal matter. However, I have no issues if any industry people intervene and resolve the dispute,” Arun said.

The two Dasari sons have been at loggerheads over property issues since the time their father passed away. The house that Dasari Narayana Rao lived in and currently Prabhu is residing in has been the bone of contention between both the brothers. Both stake claim on the property, maintaining that they had inherited it from their father. As the differences reached a flashpoint, Dasari Prabhu lodged a complaint with the Jubilee Hills police on Friday against Dasari Arun, accusing him of trespassing into his house. He also alleged that his younger brother attempted to break open an iron safe that belonged to their father Dasari besides assaulting him and his family.


Reacting to Arun Kumar’s rebuttal on Saturday, Prabhu clarified that he Is hale and healthy and was not going through depression as insinuated by his brother. He said Arun deliberately jumped over the gate and entered his house and disputed his brother’s claim that he rang the doorbell repeatedly, stating that there is no doorbell provision at his house.

He alleged that Arun Kumar is acting at the behest of some people who are guiding him from the background. Prabhu said that he is going through a severe financial distress and that is the reason why, he appealed for the intervention of the industry people.

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