Covid Dengue in Telangana On Rise

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Telangana is now experiencing cases of Covidengue, which happens when a COVID-19 patient gets infected with the Dengue virus. "Covidengue is a more dangerous syndemic disease.  In Telangana, we've seen seven to eight cases of Covidengue," said Dr. Vijay Bhaskar of Helios Hospital in Hyderabad.

According to Dr. Bhaskar, the symptoms of this syndemic sickness include "distress, shortness of breath, chills, bodily aches, and joint problems. As a result, the patients must be admitted to the ICU. We treat COVID-19 with antiviral medications, and if the platelet number in the blood drops, we must supplement the blood with a platelet transfusion. Syndromic therapy, as well as hospitalisation and ICU care, is required for this syndemic condition," he said.

Covidengue is a combination of COVID-19 and Dengue occurring at the same time, and neither illness has a specific therapy.  The major symptoms include skin patches, severe headaches, and severe bodily pains. COVID-19 and dengue fever will have symptoms that are identical. Perhaps there will be a loss of taste also. The disorders tend to get serious after three to four days, and you should seek medical advice and treatment as soon as possible.

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