Corona Second Wave May Dampen Ramzan Celebrations in Hyderabad, Haleem Makers Worried Too!

 - Sakshi Post

Come Ramzan and Hyderabad turns into a Haleem paradise, You would see several outlets lining up the streets of the twin cities to cater to the gastronomical temptations of foodies in the city. This year, however, there's bad news. Haleem lovers you may have to miss their favorite dish this year too. Due to a surge in Covid-19 cases across the city, Haleem makers are wondering if they should really set up Haleem outlets during Ramzan. Nearly 2,000 restaurants sell haleem during the Muslim holy month and their turnover runs into crores.

Mohd Abdul Majeed president of the Hyderabad Haleem Makers Association said that they were planning to restrict the sale of Haleem to just Pista House outlets across the city. The Haleem makers would get huge business from IT employees. Now, with most IT companies completely shut and still following the Work From Home policy, the orders from the IT corridors will certainly be on the decline.

The cost of Haleem also may be hiked because the prices of edibles and spices used in the preparation of Haleem too have increased substantially in the last two years. With takeaways gaining popularity following the pandemic scare, the cost of packing materials to have gone up. 

We also suspect that the night bazaar at Charminar during Ramzan too may not happen this year with the Telangana govt imposing new rules in the corona second wave. The COVID surge has dampened the festive spirit which is celebrated with gusto every year.

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