Break Gender Stereotypes: Rachakonda CP Mahesh Bhagwat On Women's Day Eve

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Choose to Challenge the gender stereotyping and  more men should come forward to work for the cause of women which leads to overall human progress, says Mahesh Bhagwat CP Rachakonda in a virtual session held on the occasion of International women's day 2021

Today a virtual session was held by CP Rachakonda Sri Mahesh Bhagwat and Addl CP Sri Sudheer Babu with the woman officers Ms RakshitaMurthy IPS DCP Malkajgiri, Smt Salima ADCP She teams, she teams personnel, Margadarshaks, Sanghamitras of RKSC and She for Her volunteers. The online meeting was held by Rachakonda Police and Rachakonda Security Council. Sri Dass Gunalan, Vice-chairman, Sri Satish Genl Secretary, RKSC, Smt Latha Ramsubramanyam Jt Secy Women Forum RKSC were among those present. 

CP Mahesh Bhagwat said that in line with the choice to challenge the theme of the IWD for the year, he called to break gender stereotypes. He stated that women are not idols for celebrating them on one day and that they should be respected every day. He iterated that in the form of margadarshaks, sanghamitras, she for her, She teams are facilitating women empowerment and that Rachakonda police is striving to build a safe society where our daughters can have freedom at home or outside. He stated that through a participative approach with RKSC, NGO and civil society, Rachakonda Police is striving to build confidence-building measures in the women and community. He stated that the capacity building was given to margadarshaks, sanghamitras should be utilized by the volunteers for themselves, their families, their neighbourhood, their workplace.

While he mentioned the appreciation of the US President for Ms Swatimohan for her accomplishment in NASA or a woman born in a redlight area of Mumbai who went to the US and completed her MS, he said the suicide of a lady in Ahmedabad due to dowry harassment shows the stark reality that still our women are not free from atrocities and their representation in various fields is minimal. In this challenging situation, he reiterated that it is important to sensitize more and more men for the cause of gender parity and he called men to partner with Rachakonda police in building safer communities, safer environment. He quoted "If you want to see how civilized a society is, we must see how we treat our women." Women still have to break glass ceilings, so it is our collective responsibility to work towards gender parity. He appreciated the Addl DCP She teams and the team in their relentless work in the field of women empowerment and ensuring Rachakonda is safe for women.

Addl CP Sri Sudheer Babu in his address described how Malala from Pakistan or Kiran Bedi of India emerged powerful enough to express their voice and the role of the family in shaping the future of society by the way they upbring their children. He emphasised that one can be felt inferior only if he or she lets it, and so empowerment is essential more so when 50 per cent of humans cannot be left behind and there is no point in human development and progress without the development of women. Women have to be self-reliant which will be possible due to economic independence and one who reached a status should pay back to society by ensuring everyone has a level playing field.

DCP Malkajgiri Ms Rakshitha Murthy speaking to the team said that no woman is perfect and it is the imperfections that make them strong, raw and beautiful. She said she chose to challenge patriarchal notions of beauty and that through RKSC and She teams, Rachakonda Police is implementing various programs in the direction of woman empowerment. 

Smt Kondaveeti Satyavati of Bhoomika Women's Collective, Smt Sumitra of Ankuram, Smt Padmavati of Kasturba Gandhi Trust, Smt Kiran Uniyal, Smt Shailaja from IICT, Smt Rajani from BPCL and many others have joined the meeting and shared wonderful thoughts and gave inspiring messages on the eve of International Women's Day.

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