Bowenpally Market Yard Turns Vegetable Waste Into Electricity

 - Sakshi Post

Everyday people come up with new ideas and ways to help the environment and do something good that will help reduce the wastage. One inspirational story now comes from Hyderabad’s vegetable market where the people have come up with an idea to turn vegetable waste into something useful.

People in the Sabzi Mandi in Hyderabad’s Bowenpally area are turning the waste from vegetables into electricity. Everyday tones of vegetable waste are generated in the market. The chopped ends from a cauliflower to leaves being cut from other vegetables, the waste is in huge quantity. Now instead of throwing all that away, the traders in Bowenpally market have decided to put it to good use.

This technique has helped a lot as all the waste that would usually be dumped in the waste field is now being put to use.

This technique has helped them to turn at least tones of vegetable waste into at least 500 units of electricity, every day.  Along with electricity, the people also generate bio-fuel through this.

They have a plant established near the market for the purpose. The electricity generated through this technique helps powering the street lamps and not just that, it also helps in powering small buildings and the cold storage. The Bio-fuel will be used for cooking.

Even the government has acknowledged these traders’ efforts and decided to help them. The central government helped the Mandi’s people by approving a 2 crore sanction to them. Even the state government followed and gave them 1 crore rupees. The money was used to build the plant. PM Narendra Modi appreciated this project and the people of the Mandi.

The traders of Telangana's Bowenpally market are working hard to put all the vegetable waste to good use and through this; they have managed to make a cut down on the electricity bill.

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