Aao Dekho Seekho: KTR Taunts BJP Leadership Ahead of Modi Visit

Aao Dekho Seekho: KTR Taunts BJP Leadership Ahead of Modi Visit - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The political heat between the state ruling party (TRS) and the central ruling party (BJP) is at its peak as Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Hyderabad for a national executive meeting on July 2 and 3.

On Friday evening, the TRS party working president K T Ramarao while addressing a press meeting said that “Aao, Dekho, Seekho” apparently taunt the BJP’s governance.

KTR said, “come and see Telangana and the development made in the state and learn how to develop a country.”  He requested the BJP leadership to stop fanning hatred and instead, take new strides to promote communal harmony and universal brotherhood.

Taking a hard dig at the BJP, the TRS working president said the pathetic conditions prevailing in the BJP-ruled ‘double engine’ states must have prompted the leadership to hold their national executive meeting in Hyderabad. He reminded that the Centre itself had presented several awards to Telangana for its achievements.

Stating about the national executive meetings “People are aware that the agenda of your meetings is hatred and your ideology is divisive politics. But, we urge you not to fan hatred to destroy the Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb of this State. Instead, try to discuss development and progress,” KTR said.

“As a party which floats on the foundation of blatant lies, I doubt if you are ready to introspect and implement a course correction. But as a citizen of this country which is suffering due to your inefficient rule and policies, I expect you to learn lessons from your mistakes,” he added. 

Demanding the Centre to support the state farmers, KTR said the union government should revise the PM-KISAN beneficiaries list by accommodating new farmers. 

KTR further stated that the State government also ensured drinking water supply to every household in the State under Mission Bhagiratha. “It is very unfortunate that people, especially women are risking their lives for a sip of drinking water even after 75 years of independence. This must change,” he said.

He also spoke about many other reforms made in Telangana which are beneficial for the citizens of the state.

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