Marvel Fans Disappointed With New Captain America From Falcon and The Winter Soldier

 - Sakshi Post

Episode 1 of the much-awaited Marvel series, Falcon and The Winter Soldier is here. Fans were mostly happy with the premiere and liked the overall vibe of the episode. The first episode mainly focused on the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame and how Sam and Bucky are dealing with their lives.

Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) are both being loved by the fans. It is an exciting time for Marvel fans, seeing one of their favourite onscreen duo back in action. The final scene of Endgame left the fans in excitement as they expected Sam Wilson to now take over ‘Captain America’s mantle. But that didn’t happen, at least in the first episode of Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Falcon was seen having doubts regarding his worth as the next Captain America. He felt like he didn’t earn the vibranium shield and returned it to the government. This is where things changed and by the end of the episode, we are introduced to a new Captain America.

The Government introduced their own ‘Captain America’ and passed on the shield to him. This version of Cap is played by Wyatt Russell. The revelation was obviously not taken very well by the fans who could not forget Chris Evans and his portrayal of the iconic Marvel superhero.

Chris Evans’ portrayal of Steve Rogers aka Captain America was one that fans loved a lot. Even after Evans’ contract ended with the final part of Avengers, fans are still hoping for his entry in Falcon and The Winter Soldier even if it is for one scene. "Not My Captain," started trending on social media as the new version of Cap was revealed towards the end of Episode 1.

While most of the fans outright hated the new ‘Cap’ some are waiting for answers in Episode 2. Fans are hoping that this is nothing but a plot for Sam’s character development who is currently having doubts about taking over Steve Rogers’ shield.

Check out some of the reaction below. Many fans compared the new Captain America to the character Carl Fredricksen from Disney Pixar's 2009 movie ‘Up’.

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