Why People Do Drugs, A Student's Perspective

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By Madiha Faiyaz

Being addicted to something refers to physically and mentally being dependent on a particular substance. Addiction is bad, we heard that many times. It usually starts with curiosity and within no time, people's life starts to depend on it. 

There could be anything we get addicted to. For someone, it could be their day not starting without a cup of coffee. A fair amount of people are addicted to social media. Workaholics are addicted to their jobs. But we are going to talk about the addiction to narcotics. 

When we think of addiction, we usually think of alcohol or illegal drugs. But people become addicted to medicines, cigarettes, even glue. Some substances are more addictive than others: Drugs like crack or heroin are so addictive that they might only be used once or twice before the user loses control. Everybody knows that drugs are addictive. But how do people fail to resist its usage and fall into this addiction?

It all starts with curiosity. It's classic human nature to look or adore anything which pleases any of our senses. We look at aesthetically pleasing monuments. We love listening to the music of our favorite artists and genres. We love the sense of touch from the people we love. Not only this, humans love to party and never miss an opportunity to make the best use of life. Exploring new places and eating tasty food pleases everyone. Every time we feel good, the brain records the feeling and releases dopamine in a controllable amount. It is how a healthy mind and body works. 

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When we intake any drug, the mind loses its consciousness and releases more dopamine than usual. The reabsorption of dopamine is blocked that results in the feeling of euphoria and escapism. The human brain asks more and more of this good feeling, which increases the urge to increase the quantity of drug intake every time. 

And this is a toxic cycle. It comes to a point where simple non-drug-related joys of life don't give them happiness at all. Everything seems dull and pointless. The user begins to lose interest in life. 

Now the question is why do people do drugs?

Simply put, to feel better and to escape from reality. Sometimes, drugs are also used to increase one’s productivity. Curiosity is another factor. 

To get rid of drug addiction, it is necessary to seek professional help and take appropriate medication. This addiction can take years to overcome, and the possibility of relapse cannot be completely ruled out.

Drugs have a terrible effect on the user's mental health. They have a negative impact on the users' decision-making skills and their psychological skills. It causes depression, and other disorders like Alzheimer's, insomnia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc. it also causes severe aggression or numbness. People lose their productivity and self-control. It also has a very dangerous effect on the unborn child. Those children are more prone to diseases.

It takes you to hell disguised as heaven. To overcome drug addiction, one of the major steps is to get enrolled in a rehabilitation centre. Good rehabilitation centres have qualified and experienced professionals who know how to deal with addicts and help them get rid of drug addiction. Seeking help from friends and family can also be very beneficial. Love and support can be very beneficial.

Drug addiction can cause behavioral problems that can negatively affect a person’s personal as well as professional life. It is an addiction that the person should get rid of as soon as possible. A person may struggle to make positive changes in his behavior long after he has given up his intoxication. The safest way is to stay away from drugs; people who are addicted to drugs have little chance of quitting the addiction.

It ruins their lives and causes deep sorrow to their loved ones.

(The author is an intern at Sakshi Post and a student of Suchitra Academy.)

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