Why Our Bodies Immunity Needs To Evolve With New Variants Of Viruses

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- By Dr. Smita Naram, Co-Founder, Ayushakti

With a new variant of the novel Coronavirus, Omicron, now looming over us once again, we all need to understand how we can build stronger immunity. This new strain of the virus, designated as variant B.1.1.529 by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is of concern because it has several mutations that may have an impact on how it spreads or on the severity of illness it causes. Studies around the world are being conducted to understand the latest variant of COVID-19 by researchers in South Africa as well around the world.

The transmissibility of this variant, Omicron is however not yet clear compared to other variants including Delta. Several people testing positive has been witnessed around the world and are rising day by day. We cannot say that symptoms associated with Omicron are different from those other variants. While understanding the severity of this will take time and enough research it is always best to adopt a ‘better safe than sorry’ outlook.

The concerning thing about this particular variant is how quickly and widely it spreads evidently although it happens to be because of its multitude of mutations. The omicron variant has 50 mutations overall, with 32 mutations on the spike protein alone. They let the virus enter by clinging on to cells. It’s still early to say if omicron will take over delta as not much is known about it. But if the new variant does prove to be dangerous than delta could be harmful as delta is already twice as much dangerous as the original covid-19. According to South Africa's health department, omicron has caused mild symptoms, most of those people have been younger. 

As the variant’s quick rise in South Africa suggests that it might be immune to the vaccine to an extent. Even if the systems are mild there’s still no real guarantee of how they might affect people over time. We don’t know much about this enough to put an estimate on what effects would the currently available vaccines provide but it's safe to say that steps are needed to follow to keep it at bay. 

Precautions are certainly better than cures as the cure is yet to be found in this scenario. Maintaining proper hygiene is necessary. Avoid going to crowded places, maintain proper social distancing, and do not leave the house until needed. Make sure to sanitize and wash hands as frequently as possible to keep any chances of getting exposed to contagious germs away. Do not ignore minor health problems like cough and flu, get them treated by visiting a doctor or keeping medicines at hand. If possible, take vitamin D capsules, keep the body active by working out with different exercises and yoga. More importantly, maintain a diet healthy, vitamin and fiber-rich for the immune system to get stronger as it is essential to fight off diseases. Consume more light and warm food like Mung beans, Lentils, Vegetables and avoid food from red meat, sour and dairy category.

Good immunity is a defense mechanism enabling the body to fight off numerous diseases. Fortunately, our bodies are equipped with in-built protectors in the immune system. The immune system protects our body from external invaders like fungi, viruses, and other harmful substances and cell mutations that could make us seriously unwell. The Immune system is made up of different organs, cells, and proteins that work together. The human body runs efficiently if the system is healthy, but it is compromised people could contact diseases quite frequently. 

Following are the reasons for a compromised immune system:

  1. The immune system is deficient, which means that it lacks essential nutrients and is unable to ward off diseases

  2. The immune system could be strong, but it cannot fight infections due to the toxic blockages in the body

  3. Autoimmune process, here the Immune system starts attacking its own host body. This cause Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chron’s disease, Psoriasis and Eczema, Thyroid, and other chronic health problems

Here are some remedies which could help evolve the body’s immunity to keep viruses away:

  • Ingredients:10 Basil (Tulsi) Leaves + 2.5 cm long Piece of Fresh Ginger (Adrak) + ½ tsp Kurkuma (Turmeric - Haldi) Powder + 2-inch-long piece of Cinnamon (Dalchini) + 2 capsules of Cardamom (Elaichi) + ¼ tsp Black Pepper powder

  • Method: Boil all above in 200 ml of water for 5 minutes and then drink it as lukewarm

  • Chew 10 fresh Basil leaves (Tulsi) with one piece of fresh turmeric daily in the morning. This helps get rid of chronic health problems, for your guidance, visiting a health expert is recommended.

Along with these simple home remedies, one can try Ayushakti’ s herbal formulations, Swasavin D Vyro 2 tablets, twice a day after meals and/or Ojas 1 tablet, twice a day.

While the situation remains unclear and with time, we can expect to learn new things about the variant we can still push through these trying times. Keeping a healthy immune system and following the aforementioned remedies will be viable and self-assuring to put your mind at ease. Taking extreme care of yourself and your loved ones while not panicking is your key to battling this variant.

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