Is Severe Pain in Legs A Symptom of COVID?

Is Severe Pain in Legs A Symptom of COVID? - Sakshi Post

Bengaluru: The majority of COVID-19 infected people now report less well-known symptoms, such as severe leg discomfort and an itchy throat for two days after infection.

In the last 24 hours, Bengaluru has reported 9,020 cases, with more than 85% of them being placed in home isolation. These patients have been complaining of severe leg discomfort to the BBMP's home isolation squad, which has been calling them to monitor their condition.

As of January 9, according to BBMP data, 58 patients had been accepted into government medical colleges and 101 into government hospitals. Doctors are baffled as to what is causing the agony (from toes to knee). They claim that people with moderate symptoms are particularly affected.

"Over the past few days, those who are in home isolation and those who are being treated at Victoria Hospital have been complaining of excruciating pain in the leg within a day of testing positive," said Dr Asima Banu, professor of microbiology and nodal officer in charge of infection control at Vani Vilas Hospital. "The pain reduces on the third day. The scratchy throat lasts only for a day. "

The shift in symptoms was confirmed by another doctor from Bengaluru Medical College and Research Institute. "When a person tests positive, s/he might show symptoms like fever, cold, and throat pain. It is usually primary contacts and their contacts who have these symptoms, besides fatigue," said Dr Banu.

Bhumika Pawar, a PG medical student who tested positive on January 5, stated she had severe leg discomfort the next day.

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"It was a prickly pain from thigh to toes. Initially, I felt it in the left leg, but later it was in both legs," Pawar said. Chandrakanth Gowda, who tested positive on January 3 after he visited a New Year party at a friend’s place in Rajajinagar, said: "I could barely swallow because of the itchy throat. I did not have a fever or cold. On the third day, I had leg pain, which was something I had never experienced before, but it reduced within a day," Gowda said.

If you have a scratchy throat, Dr Banu recommended gargling with betadine and taking paracetamol (Dolo-650) for leg discomfort. "In case symptoms worsen, it is advisable to get admitted to the hospital," she advised.

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