Recovered From COVID? Follow These Precautions to Prevent Infection

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Covid19 has brought many changes to our lifestyle. Even after getting discharged from hospitals or at the end of isolation, many people experience anxiety, weakness, and cough. There are a lot of questions about the post-covid healing time. What kind of lifestyle should they follow? What kind of diet should they follow? What precautions should they exercise? Here are some suggestions for getting healthy quickly.

1. Check the oxygen levels using a pulse oximeter. It should be maintained at 94%

2. Daily check of body temperature

3. Examine for signs of lethargy, drowsiness, or altered sensorium.

4.Blood sugar levels should be checked on a regular basis in diabetic patients. COVID infection, like any other illness, affects the body's blood sugar levels. Strict monitoring every three days is essential, as well as regular consultations with your doctor.

5.To avoid hypertension-related consequences, people must check their blood pressure on a regular basis.

6.Reduce the body's oxygen demand by taking complete bed rest. Don't overwork yourself.

7.Increase your fluid intake by drinking more water, coconut water, juices, soups, and fruit-infused water (Watermelon, muskmelon, etc). It's important to remember that improved hydration leads to faster recovery.

8.Protein-rich foods such as milk, cottage cheese, peanuts, lentils, eggs, and non-vegetarian should be consumed.

9.Do breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation to keep yourself calm and composed.

10. Within 7 days following discharge, or as soon as any symptoms such as fever, unbearable cough, or breathing problem, visit the doctor.

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