How Vaccinated Pregnant Women Protect Their Babies

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In the Covid19 pandemic time, things have been difficult for pregnant women. They have to take extra care of themselves for the soon-to-be-coming baby. Many families are worried about the safety of these women. In case a pregnant woman takes a vaccine, it is good not just for her but also for the baby as the antibodies are passed to the baby as well.

As per a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology – Maternal-Fetal Medicine, the pregnant women who get mRNA vaccines also transfer some of the antibodies to the babies. According to the study, all 36 newborns who were tested at birth had antibodies to protect against Covid-19 after their mothers were vaccinated with shots from Pfizer Inc.-BioNTech SE or Moderna Inc., making it one of the first to measure antibody levels in umbilical cord blood to distinguish whether immunity is from infection or vaccines.

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Ashley Roman, an obstetrician at NYU Langone Health System and also the co-author of the study said that this was unexpected. They thought it would have more variability. But this study was seen as a means to encourage expecting mothers. The antibodies will help the child and are completely safe. Not all women are ready to take the vaccine.

Roman said that they are now encouraging all women to get vaccinated during pregnancy. It would be beneficial for the child. Now the study is on further findings. They are trying to determine the antibodies transfer during breastfeeding.

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