Home Isolation Guidelines For COVID Patients By AIMS

 - Sakshi Post

At a time when the corona pandemic is spreading across the world, the centre is continuously issuing new recommendations to tackle it. It has also recently established a 14-member task force. AIMS recently published home isolation recommendations that were approved by the team.

1. Patients' caregivers should see a doctor as long as they are in isolation. The treating physician should keep patients updated on their symptoms regularly. If your condition worsens, you can seek medical help and go to the hospital.

2. Home isolation patients should keep an eye on the disease's symptoms from time to time. To measure oxygen levels, a pulse oximeter should be used. Any issues should be reported to a doctor as soon as possible. 

3.Covid patients must be housed in a room with an attached bathroom. The room they are staying in should be well ventilated. They should avoid other members of the family, especially the elderly. Others do not use the products they do.

4. Patients should wear three-layer masks all day. After eight hours of use, they should be replaced. Sodium hypochlorite solution can be used to clean exfoliating masks.

5 At home, caregivers should wear a triple layer mask. Before and after wearing them, wash your hands thoroughly. Sanitizers should be used regularly. It's important not to approach patients.

6 The patient's room must be spotless. In the room where they are sleeping, food should be served. Patients should use soap and detergent to disinfect used utensils and other appliances.

7 Breathing problems, oxygen levels below 94 per cent, and chest pain... If issues are discovered, then go to the hospital.

8 Isolation should end 10 days after the start of symptoms or for three days if there is no fever. After the home isolation period is over, there is no need to repeat the Covid test.

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