ENZYMEACT Capsules For Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency

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Lee Health Domain:A Hyderabad-based company has developed a unique pancreatic enzyme blend derived from vegetarian sources to support pancreatic exocrine insufficiency. People with pancreatic exocrine insufficiency will not be able to digest food properly due to lack of DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, CYSTIC FIBROSIS, REMOVAL OF PANCREAS, and LONG-TERM PANCREATITIS-says company director Leela Rani.

Lee Health Domain has now released the product to support pancreatic exocrine insufficiency under the brand name ENZYMEACT.
ENZYMEACT capsule contains AMYLASE, PROTEASE, and LIPASE and are derived from vegetarian source by microbial fermentation technology. Amylase aids in digestion by breaking down carbohydrates, Protease helps in the digestion of dietary proteins to allow absorption of amino acids and Lipase breaks down fats in food to help better absorption in the intestine.

Further, she claims that vegetarian pancreatin works at a wider range of pH levels (pH 2.0 to 10.0) throughout the entire digestive tract, which is important for the complete digestion of food. Whereas animal pancreatin has a minimal effect to digest food as it is only active in the pH range between pH 2.0 to 3.0 and 7.0 to 9.0.

Vegetarian pancreatin is free of contaminants such as steroids, antibiotics etc. Which has a possibility of being present in trace amounts in animal pancreatin. Vegetarian pancreatin is also free from various viruses such as TSE/BSE.
Since vegetarian pancreatin is produced through the fermentation process, it is free from solvent unlike that in animal pancreatin where the solvent is required to extract the enzyme from the animal tissue.

Therefore, Lee Health Domain has done a lot of study on this and developed a formula of vegetarian pancreatic enzymes to help complete the digestion of food effectively. 

ENZYMEACT capsules can be prescribed for people whose body does not make enough of their own enzymes to digest food due to pancreatin exocrine insufficiency. ENZYMEACT capsules support in boosting digestion process and overcoming the deficiency of pancreatic enzymes.  ENZYMEACT Capsules can be administered two times a day with food.

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