Covid Home Treatment Tips For Mild Infections

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There has been an increase in the cases of COVID19 in the past few weeks. Almost the entirety of India is under lockdown. This means that we must try and take care of ourselves. Stay protect and follow the Covid19 regulations. But in case that you contract the virus and the symptoms are fortunately not severe, you can also treat yourself at home.

Most of the people have been following the basic rules like wearing a mask, using sanitiser, checking temperature and other such things. The best way to save yourself from contracting the virus is to follow these steps. The basic precaution is the best in today’s situation. 

The most important place in your house. Keeping the home tidy and safe is very important. Regular cleaning of the house with Disinfect can also be very helpful. Your home is where you can treat yourself.

In case you contract Covid19 and it is not so critical, you can treat it at home as well. Check out the points below to know how you can treat mild Covid19 at home.


Once your test results come as Covid positive, you will have a medical officer visiting your home. The expert will do further tests and determine whether your condition is Mild, Moderate or Severe.

Obviously, in case of a severe condition, the person will need hospitalization. But if you are identified under the Mild or Moderate category, then this is what you can do. There are chances that even under the moderate category, you will need to go to the hospital. That will be decided by the officer.


We know that the main symptoms include Fever or chills, Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing, Fatigue, Muscle or body aches, Headache, loss of taste or smell, Sore throat, Congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, Diarrhoea. In certain rare cases, Hiccups can also be a symptom. Experts said that mouth ulcer will also be one sign.

The major difference between the ‘Mild’ and ‘Moderate’ category is the oxygen saturation level. You will fall under the Mild category if your oxygen levels are normal. That is good news.


  • As you have been considered under the mild category, you can treat yourself at home. But do not take this lightly.

  • You currently do not need hospitalization unless the symptoms get worse or the medical expert advises you to do so.

  • The basic necessity is self-isolation. Stay in the room and do not roam around freely as you might put your family members at risk.

  • Medicines: You do not have prescribed Covid19 medicines. But as the symptoms are fever, cough, etc, you can take tablets for these.

  • Tablets like Dolo 650 or other mild paracetamol, cough syrup, throat infection tablet and other basic medicines should be kept handy.

  • Regularly check your body temperature. See if you have a fever and if the temperature is rising as this is the most common symptom.

  • Check your oxygen saturation level and pulse regularly. Keep the oximeter or a pulse oximeter with you for checking.

  •  Home isolation patients should keep an eye on the disease's symptoms from time to time. Any issues should be reported to a doctor as soon as possible. 

  • If possible Covid patients should be housed in a room with an attached bathroom. The room they are staying in should be well ventilated.

  • Drink lots of water and juices. Make sure you do not consume any cold fluids. Hot tea or boiled water with medicinal herbs is also good.


  • If your fever lasts for more than 7 days, you need to consult a doctor. Check the temperature regularly for that.

  • If your condition worsens, you can seek medical help and go to the hospital. The doctor will then advise you accordingly.

  • Please check your oxygen levels regularly. If there is any discomfort, consult a doctor immediately. Similarly for your pulse as well.

  • Breathing problems, oxygen levels below 94 per cent, and chest pain; If these issues are discovered, then go to the hospital.

Isolation should end 10 days after the start of symptoms or for three days if there is no fever. After the home isolation period is over, there is no need to repeat the Covid test.

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