Blood Clots After Covid Vaccine Due to Faulty Injection Technique?

 - Sakshi Post

Injections techniques are as well very important when you are administering the vaccine to a person because anything goes wrong and it can lead to a blood clot. According to a recent study, wrong injection techniques were identified as one of the reasons for blood clots following vaccination.

Few such cases were reported by the people who got their vaccine jabs. If the medical expert administering the shot is not careful and injects it in the wrong manner, then chances are that the drug will enter your bloodstreams and not the muscles. This will in turn lead to a blood clot. According to health experts, the chances of this happening are not too high.

The injection has to be inserted deep enough for it to reach the muscles. But in the way, it can hit the blood vessel. This way the vaccine gets injected into your blood stream. This doesn’t happen often but if the health person is not trained well then it can be a possibility. Intra-muscular injections are the ones that are given without pinching the skin. But when you pinch it, this hinders the injection from reaching the muscle tissue.

If this happens, it not only leads to a blood clot but also prevents the vaccine from entering your body. Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan, a member of the Indian Medical Association’s national Covid taskforce in Kochi, Kerala shared that he is disappointed over the fact that nowadays health workers are not paying attention to one thing and that is to wait to see the blood return in the syringe. This is no longer a necessity. Initially, it was a compulsion that you wait to see if the blood comes in the syringe.

Maintaining absolute care while injecting the person with a vaccine shot, is what can prevent blood clots.

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