The Regimental Brunch – A Tribute to The Indian Army by Conrad Bengaluru

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Conrad Bengaluru celebrates the 75th year of Independence by paying its respects to the Indian Army by curating a brunch that’s an amalgamation of the north, south, east, and west of India.

The Indian army is a stellar example of unity in diversity. The element of diversity brings about an enormous variety in the style of cooking and different types of cuisines available. Encompassing the various geographical regions, the dishes served at the regiment consisted of diverse flavors, recipes, and ingredients.

This Independence Day, Caraway Kitchen seeks to commemorate the Indian Army by bringing in dishes that represent diversity and tradition of recipes that were cooked in the Indian Army regiments.

An array of delicacies that epitomize the origin and flavour is an aim Caraway Kitchen seeks to incorporate. A few regiments include Madras, Bihar, Punjab and Assam with dishes such as Kanyakumari Fish Curry, Bhuja Bhojpuri, Amritsari Machchi, and Assamese fish curry with tomato to name a few. The brunch further comprises cocktail and mocktail sessions – each influenced and highlighted by the regiment states local drinks. Offering distinct flavours of Bellini, sparkling wine with peach purée along with the Classic Negroni which comprises of Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth. Keeping the tradition alive, themed mocktails curated as welcome drinks with a burst of unique flavour. 

Experience culture and tradition at its best at Caraway Kitchen, Conrad Bengaluru with recipes from all over the country. A beautifully crafted brunch representing diversity starting at only,

Brunch & Mocktails – INR 2400

Brunch & Cocktails – INR 3900

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