The Regal Dining Experience at Indian Durbar, Conrad Bengaluru

 - Sakshi Post

Bengaluru: Immerse yourself in an experience of rich and exotic flavours with a menu crafted with time honoured cooking methods, leaving your palette with a plethora of flavours. With a traditional décor of gold leafed jali work, Indian Durbar at Conrad Bengaluru is a world in its own. A royal getaway into regal Mughal and Awadhi cuisine consisting of dishes curated in the medieval Indo-Persian cultural centers of the Mughal Empire.

Indian Durbar sets to take you on an authentic culinary journey of flavours so rich and exotic, savouring blends of distinctive aroma’s and spices. Inspired and influenced by the Turk-Persian cuisine of central Asia, the Middle East, Punjab, Hyderabad and Kashmir, crafted and presented is a menu of exceptional recipes for one to indeed savour.

A few recommendations by the Chef would include – Galouti Kebab, Durbar -E-Paneer Tikka, Awadhi Gosht Biryani, Durbar-E-Lazeez Maas and Durbar -E-Dal.

A regal dining experience coupled with Conrad Bengaluru’s inspired hospitality served with unparalleled flair, enjoy a royal experience away at Indian Durbar. Catering to an array of dishes and recipes with rich and wholesome flavours, immerse yourself into an exotic experience like never before.

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