Masterchef Australia Contestant Depinder Dishes Out Butter Chicken

 - Sakshi Post

Masterchef Australia season 13 has sparked a lot of interest among Indians all around the world. The competition's popularity this year is largely owing to two participants of Indian descent who have been presenting the country's diverse flavours on the show.

Depinder Chhibber, who has been wowing the judges with her culinary skills and the exquisite flavours of Indian food, has been winning hearts in particular. This time, the competitor from New Delhi captured a lot of hearts by paying tribute to her homeland.

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She accomplished this by preparing a delicious butter chicken meal. Depinder uploaded a carousel of photos of the delectable dish, which made our mouths water. She had also made the traditional accompaniments of pickled onions and mint chutney, as well as soft lachha parathas, to go with the tangy and delicious butter chicken.

Depinder posted the pictures on Instagram with a caption. "In tonight’s episode, I cooked one of my favourite dishes of all time: the humble Butter Chicken with lachha parantha, pickled onions, and mint chutney.  I honestly swore than I would not cook a Butter Chicken on the show but when I saw my family on the screen, I couldn’t help myself."

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