Hyderabad Couple’s Farm produces More Than 8000 kgs Of Fresh Veggies Everyday

 - Sakshi Post

A Hyderabad couple took farming to next level. Simply Fresh, a hi-tech farm was built by the couple, Sachin and Shweta Darbarwar in 2013 and now it happened that the farm helps to produce a large number of vegetables in a day.

Sachin Darbarwar is a software engineer. He spent a lot of time in a foreign country before moving back to Hyderabad. Sachin wanted to live in his hometown but was not sure as to what he will do here. After thinking for a long time, Sachin and his wife decided to start their farmhouse. They set up Simply Fresh in 2013.

At ‘Simply Fresh’ the couple makes sure that the plant’s growth is filled with nurturing and care. At their farm, Sachin and Shweta have set up things in such a way that it provides nutrients to the plants. The couple has a blend of things to ensure the growth of the plants.

Sachin gained knowledge on this by having sessions with botanical experts. He worked alongside botanists, agriculture professors in order to learn about plants and how they react to environmental change. Not just that, he also learnt how plants would react to nutrients in different nurturing techniques.

Sachin decided to use technology in order to nurture the plants. He thought it would be a good idea to use technology and other natural methods in order to best care for the plants. This is when Sachin along with his wife started a farm in 2013. In ‘Simply Fresh’ they incorporated different ideas and methods to get the best produce.

What wife Shweta said is that they were fascinated with the idea of fresh produce. The bright vibrant colours of the vegetables and fruits; produce that everyone will like. Its fresh produce was made available to the people, they will surely like it. The couple wanted to make sure that the people get fresh and quality produce.

Starting with a small land and setting up their farm, the couple has now expanded significantly. They have lettuce, tomato, capsicum, herbs and other produce on their farm. Now they can produce close to 8000 kgs of produce every day. 

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