Gold Biryani Garnished With 23-karat Edible Gold For Rs 20K Is World's Most Expensive Food

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Gold Biryani is garnished with 23-karat edible gold

Every Hyderabadi loves – Biryani. While some cannot go even a day without savouring the delicious dish, there are some others who keep on hunting for new Biryani joints every weekend. If you are on a plan for an international trip in the near future, you can check out this place called Bombay Borough in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a luxury restaurant in Dubai that serves the world's most expensive biryani. The gold-played biryani known as the Royal Gold Biryani and is priced at INR 19,700 (1,000 dirhams) per plate and taxes apply.

Biryani is perhaps the most wholesome dish of all. It's the combination portion of meat topped with aromatic rice. There are wide variations ranging from Hyderabadi biryani to Lucknowi biryani, Now this traditional dish is available in its essence is gold. Recently a restaurant has added gold biryani to its menu.

The 3kg biryani dish contains 23 karats edible gold and is served on a large golden platter. According to Bombay Borough's descriptions, it includes, "Gold Leaf kebabs- The Kashmiri lamb seekh kababs, old Delhi Lamb chops, Rajput chicken kebabs, Mughlai koftas, and malai chicken roast served on a bed of saffron-infused biryani, complimented by a wide selection of our exquisite sauces, curries, and raitas."

To mark their first anniversary, Royal Gold Biryani is added to the menu. It is Dubai’s most expensive Biryani. The biryani can be pre-booked as ordering on spot may take up to 45 minutes for them to prepare. The 3 kg biryani is priced at a whopping Rs 20,000 approximately. It is beautifully plated with boiled eggs, pomegranate, mint, baby potatoes, fried onions, and cashew nuts.

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