Craving For Mango in Summer? Here's Where You Can Order

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Do you like mangoes? Here's where you can place your online order.

Mangoes are being delivered to homes by vendors both within and outside the state.

Many people are selling the king of fruits on the internet. With plenty of mangoes and time available due to the lockout restrictions in place, vendors claim that they receive constant orders and often run out of stock. Mangoes can be purchased from sellers on social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as supermarket websites.


From Friday to Sunday, Merolin Jennifer, a Kammanahalli resident and an affiliate of ‘Only Fruits,' delivers mangoes.

On a minimum order of 3 kg, ‘Only Fruits' offers ripe and unripe Alphonso mangoes. "The customer will receive around 12 units, each weighing around 250 gm. It’s priced at Rs 1,070 and for every first purchase you receive Rs 200 off," she explains. Call 99867 30532 for more details.

Parag Athalye runs a home business in Belagavi called ‘Athalye Vandhu Ambewale,' which delivers mangoes all over Bengaluru. One dozen is the minimum order. "We have stock of Ratnagiri Alphonso. Initially, a dozen were priced at Rs 2,000, but with the season transition, the price has come down. Now we are offering mangoes for Rs 1,000 (including delivery charges)." The demand for mangoes has risen as a result of the lockdown. "We have a one-day delivery system. If the order is placed by 6 pm, the order will reach you by the next day afternoon," Parag adds. Call 70195 72329 for more details.

Outside sellers

Pritam Borate, a resident of Satara, Maharashtra, owns godowns in the city that deliver mangoes to residents via Porter (for a fee). "We are selling Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes at Rs 3,000 (4 dozen to 7 dozen, depending on the mango size)," he says. According to him, the Covid-19 situation has resulted in an increase in home-delivery orders. "Comparing to 2019, orders have increased by three-fold," says Pritam. Call 77689 44440 for more details.

Mangoes are being delivered to Bengalureans' homes by Villkart, an e-commerce platform located in Khanwan village, Bihar. Anand Sagar, co-founder says, "We have three types of mangoes — Devgad and Ratnagiri Alphonso, which are sourced from Maharashtra, and Malda, sourced from Bihar. Our platform has dual advantages— it benefits farmers as it avoids middlemen and the end customer gets fresh products." Mango demand has increased in recent weeks, according to Anand. One peti (box) costs between Rs 1,200 and Rs 1500 and contains 12 mangoes weighing more than 250 gm each. "We also have offers and coupon codes on our website, which reduces the cost further," he adds. Visit their website or call 75699 09218 for more information.

Online websites:


Mangoes are being sold online and sent via India Post by the Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Corporation Limited (KSMDMC). Benishan/Banaganapalli, Totapuri, Sindura, Mallika, and Alphonso/Badami/Apoos are among the mangoes available for shipping. Go to the official website to learn more.

On May 14, the following prices were displayed on the website (for 3 kg):

Rs 319- Rs 381 for Benishan/Banaganapalli

Rs 230-Rs 280 for Totapuri

Rs 226-Rs 301 for Sindura

Alphonso/Badami/Apoos: Rs 381 - Rs 780 * Mallika: Rs 379 - Rs 680

Big Basket

Totapuri, Raspuri, Mallika, Kesar, and Alphonso mangoes are available at Big Basket.


Banaganapalli, Totapuri, and Alphonso mangoes are available at Grofers also.

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