Cake Mixing at Conrad Bengaluru: Commencing the most joyous time of the year!

Cake mixing at Conrad Bengaluru - Sakshi Post

The age-old tradition of Cake Mixing was conducted at Conrad Bengaluru on the 1st of October to commence the festive season for the year 2021. This festivity event celebrates the onset of the Christmas season by mixing various delightful fruits and nuts with spices and liquor to form a luscious mixture that is perfectly decadent for making Christmas cakes and treats.

Once the stirring ritual is complete, the cake mixture soaks up the liquor and spices for 45 days. Once the mixture has matured for almost 45 days, the Lobby Brew at Conrad Bengaluru will offer an array of goodies such as Plum Pudding, Plum Cake – a perfect combination for the Christmas weather, the famous Christmas Fruit Cake, Dandee cake, Mince pie, Christollen and a variety of Christmas cookies to choose from. Guests will also be given the option to customize their very own delicious Christmas hampers filled with richness and different flavor combinations to indulge in.

Chef Praveen Shetty, Director of Culinary, Conrad Bengaluru on this occasion shared Partaking the new fold for the year, Conrad Bengaluru stands tall and strong, overlooking the breath-taking views of The Ulsoor Lake - embodying the elements of tranquillity, tradition and culture.

Echoing the brand’s guidelines of infinite connections, the property seeks to provide both local and cultural experiences to its guests. Further incorporating the sophisticated contemporary feel, the property combines the globally inspired design – World of Style. “To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality”, Conrad Bengaluru is all set to bring in the festivities by bringing together families and keeping traditions alive.

Christmas goodies starting at INR 550 plus taxes

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