Summer Makeup Tips

Summers can’t stop you from wearing makeup; here are tips to help you out:

Skincare is key

An oil-free gel formulation of moisturizer that absorbs right into your skin. I recommend a thicker moisturizer to be applied earlier so it has time to sink in before moving onto your base makeup.

The next step is sunscreen, with the depleted ozone layer the sun’s rays have gotten harmful to the skin it is important to be mindful of protecting your skin. A fair amount of sunscreen isn’t a step to be missed.

Minimal Base Makeup

Opt for water-based formulas or ones with minimum coverage so that it corrects your concern without looking cakey and you do not have to be too concerned about your make-up moving around.

A skin tint or BB cream is a fuss-free choice

Conceal your under eyes with a long-wearing concealer sparingly,  Set it with a setting powder and carry a mini powder on the go in case you need to touch it up.

Pops of Color

Pair the summer tan with just a touch more bronzer to emphasize the sunkissed glow, there is no need for a precise application.

Easy breezy makeup is the vibe.

Experiment with multi-tasking stains, there is a wide variety available on the Indian market, they can be used on your cheek and lips, and they will stay on through sweat and tears without moving around. It is a no brainer, a monochromatic minimalistic look that stays on, you can’t go wrong, It also saves you time on picking out products that would go well together.


Experiment with waterproof products but keep in mind that your makeup should look balanced, if you go overboard don’t worry, it’ll wash right off and you can start over.

If Mascara is a must, opt for a water-proof Mascara. You could easily miss mascara if it tends to feel heavy on the eyes.

Set it

The market has some great long-lasting setting sprays, I’d recommend trying them, but it isn’t a must, it does help with the longevity of your makeup. Take your call.

The goal is to make your skin feel breathable and at ease. You are a little less self-conscious and focus on having a good time rather than fussing over your makeup. You don’t have to have every product, visualize what it is you want to achieve and go through your existing collection to see how you can make it work.

Be creative, have fun!

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