How Body Shapers, Tummy Tuckers Can Damage You Health

How Body Shapers, Tummy Tuckers Can Damage You Health - Sakshi Post

Corsets gave Victorian women hourglass figures, but they also deformed them.

Fashion: Imagine wearing undergarments so tight that you can't breathe properly, and no, it's not Spanx, it's far worse. Because it deforms your bone structure in the long run. From the 16th century through the early twentieth century, thousands of women in western nations went through this regularly. Corsets are the garments that gave French and English women their teeny-tiny waistlines. To learn more, watch the video. #HistoricFashion #BizarreFashion

Corsets: Worse Undergarments than Spanx:

Garments that gave French and English women their teeny-tiny waistlines.

What Is A Corset?

Corsets are body-shaping undergarments that are unpleasant to wear. The objective of a corset was to alter the form of the wearer. Whale's teeth were woven into a woven fabric to make corsets. A corset's front closure was a wooden or metal busk. The purpose of the busk was to flatten the stomach.

Even pregnant women and lactating moms would wear corsets. Girls started wearing corsets at a young age. Corsets were worn by girls as young as six and as old as sixteen and so on.

Why Were Corsets Bad For Women's Health?

Tight lacing was a feature of Victorian corsetry. To get the smallest possible waist, the corset laces were progressively tightened. In the nineteenth century, women desired to have an 's' shaped figure. Some women's rib cages were permanently deformed after years of wearing corsets. To attain an hourglass figure, tight lacing results in rib deformity and a misaligned spine.

The average waist size of a woman in nineteenth-century England was 22 inches. The average waist size of British women is currently 32 inches. Corset lacing that is too tight causes respiratory problems. Internal organs were crushed by corsets, causing muscular atrophy.

Corsets And Their Wearers In The Modern Era:

After World War I, corset fashion began to decline. In the twentieth century, corsets were replaced with brassiere and girdles. During her concerts in the 1990s, Madonna used corsets. Corsets are worn by celebrities to make a fashion statement. Cathie Jung wore corsets to slim down from 22 to 15 inches around her waist.

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