YouTube Vlogger With 10 Million Subscribers Sells Her Naked Childhood Video On OnlyFans, Apologises

 - Sakshi Post

Gabi DeMartino a 25-year-old YouTube vlogger with nearly 10 million subscribers on the OnlyFans channel sold a video of herself naked as a young child on OnlyFans apologized and claimed she was "detached from reality" and didn't intend for the video to be sexual.

OnlyFans said it removed her account after it violated the platforms' terms of services. Critics accused DeMartino of selling child pornography. OnlyFans is a popular subscription site for sex  workers that allows creators to monetize content and sell it directly to their fans. Influencers and celebrities have increasingly used it to showcase risqué content and behind-the-scenes footage.

The influencer sold her own underage nude video for $3  which was advertised to DeMartino's OnlyFans subscribers behind a paywall, so unsuspecting buyers were unaware the footage depicted a toddler .The " 35-second clip of 3-year-old DeMartino showed her lifting her dress to reveal her naked body underneath.

Child-pornography laws in Pennsylvania, where DeMartino lives, prohibit filming a child engaged in a "sexual act." Federal guidance says, "a picture of a naked child may constitute illegal child pornography if it is sufficiently sexually suggestive."

"I know who I am in my heart and if you know me you know that I would never condone anything like this," DeMartino said in her apology. "I would never do anything to exploit or harm a child. I'm so sorry." (Source:MSN)

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