Winds Of Change In Music Industry: Korean Pop Band BTS Making Waves

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It all started when a boy band from South Korea was nominated for the Billboard music awards. The air in the music industry felt different. In 2017, BTS was nominated for Billboard’s Top Social Artist. The media giving attention to the band and fans cheering loudest upon seeing them win, was a phenomenon. Something completely different from what the western industry has always experienced.  

BTS is a seven-member idol group from South Korea. They made their debut in 2013. Coming from a small entertainment company, no one ever imagined what was to become of these young boys. From the beginning, the band made songs that spoke about societal pressure on the youth.  

After that, it was only going to become better for not just BTS, but the entire Kpop industry. Locals were searching and watching their music videos. Trying to know more and more about them. With intricate choreography and perfectly synchronized dance moves, the music videos left everyone mesmerized. BTS’ album series ‘Love Yourself,’ that spoke about self-love, people had something new to look up to. Songs with messages like, “It is okay to not have a dream” or “to stop running for nothing,” people could relate and feel motivated while listening to BTS’ music.  

It provided a different kind of experience and a complete shift from English songs. Teenagers started listening to songs like Blood sweat tears, Dope, Idol; songs that were not only catchy and groovy but also with meaningful lyrics and eye-catching dance videos. BTS’ fandom started to grow.  

When BTS was nominated for more awards and they kept winning it with a huge gap, award shows and talk shows realized ARMYs power and the fact that there is a growing interest among people for Kpop music. The award shows started creating different categories to nominate more Korean artists. It was impossible to release BBMA, AMA or any other nomination without acknowledging and nominating Kpop groups in it. Now the scene is such that, without a performance from BTS, there would not be much hype for these award shows. 

Many Kpop groups like NCT, Monsta X, BlackPink, and others were invited to US talk shows. Kpop has become mainstream.  

With the astonishing success that BTS’ latest single Dynamite saw, it became evident that the band is capable of competing alongside big music names of the western industry. It became the first-ever song by a Korean artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was not just the Army's listening to this song, but also the general public started grooving to it.  

Korean language music or Kpop you can say, has taken a place in the music industry where every person who listens to songs, will know either BTS or at least someone from the Kpop industry. Korean, is not a small country’s language anymore. 

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