Will Sima Taparia Pick Bigg Boss OTT Jodis For Indian Matchmaking 2?

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Indian Matchmaking, one of the most popular reality shows on Netflix is set to come back with season 2. Sima Taparia, the matchmaker, will return for the new season. Season one aired on Netflix in July 2020 and soon became popular among the audience.

The concept is simple. We have men and women who are ready for an arranged marriage and are seeking help in trying to find a match. Sima is their guide and fixes up compatible people with each other. It is a reality show with cast members being the ones ready for marriage. There were a few ups and downs in the show and how the audience perceived it. But overall, it was a liked concept.

We saw the show’s host enter Bigg Boss house. Sima Taparia came to BB house to get an understanding of the contestants and ultimately gave a ranking to them.

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The contestants were introduced one by one with Divya Agarwal coming second last and Ridhima Pandit, the last one. The show's format required the ladies to pick a guy. To "Stay Connected" in the house, they need each other. You cannot stay without a connection. With this, we got the 6 Jodis of BB OTT and Divya left alone.

This is how Sima ranked the Jodis

  1. Akshara Singh - Pratik Sehajpal

  2. Neha Bhasin - Millind Gaba

  3. Ridhima Pandit - Karan Nath

  4. Shamita Shetty - Raqesh Bapat

  5. Muskan Jattana - Nishant Bhatt

  6. Urfi Javed - Zeeshan Khan

Many are speculating that she will be taking contestants from the Bigg Boss OTT house for her show. It will be interesting seeing these celebrities on Indian Matchmaking 2.

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