Will Shilpa Shetty Leave Raj Kundra For Ruining Her Life?

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Raj Kundra was detained recently for reportedly being involved in an adult video app scandal. He was suspected of forcing women into making pornography and then uploading the films to a paid app. Shilpa Shetty stated that she was completely unaware of the situation.

She was apparently very angry with him and the fact that he was doing all this behind her back. Shetty confessed to the police that she did not know about such a business nor did she have any idea regarding the HotShots app. Moreover, she even stepped down from the post of Director at the Viaan industries owned by Kundra.

Talking about their personal life, Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra married on 22 November 2009. Their wedding was a grand one and a big affair in Bollywood. While these two have been happily married for a long time, there is something else that is known to the public. Raj Kundra was married before but divorced his first wife to marry Shilpa.

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The couple has been doing well since then and even has two kids – a daughter and a son. They often share pictures of the family spending happy time together. Kundra is a successful businessman and Shilpa, a successful Bollywood actress. They have all that they need. Together they even owned the IPL team in season 1. But after Kundra was found guilty of a betting scandal, he has been banned for life from all cricket-related activities. After that, only Shilpa Shetty has been handling the Rajasthan Royals team.

As we can see this is not the first time that Kundra has been involved in a scandal. He often gets into trouble for illegal activities. This has also affected their married life. We know that Shilpa recently shouted at Raj for the porn scandal.

When the Mumbai Police arrived at their home for a search on Friday evening, the actress was seen shouting at Raj Kundra. "We've got everything. What was the point of all this?” She is disappointed with him. Fans are saying that she might leave him after all this, as the scandal can also affect the kids.

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