Will India Clear Market Research For BTS Concert?

Will India Clear Market Research For BTS Concert? - Sakshi Post

The Indian BTS army is having issues ahead of a possible BTS concert during the World Tour 2022.

BTS India Tour: BTS (Bangtan Soneoyandan), a South Korean pop band, has officially announced their 2022 world tour, which will take them to Asia, America, Europe, and Australia, among other places. When a few news portals stated that BTS would visit India, it was nothing but a matter of joy and excitement for the desi army.

Nothing has received official confirmation as of yet, and all information is based on rumours. Unfortunately, as the news became viral, the desimy's response was not precisely as predicted for a variety of reasons.

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So let's try to figure out what all the hoopla is about and how this could lead to the event being cancelled.

Is there a BTS concert in India in 2022?

According to insiders in the K-pop business quoted by Lehren and Asian community news, the 7-member boy band plans to perform in 10 Asian nations, including India, during their 2022 globe tour.

Eight European cities, ten Asian cities, eleven US cities, three Canadian cities, two Latin American cities, and one Australian city will be visited by the band.

However, it should be noted that this information is based on speculation, and nothing from each respective corporation has been confirmed as of yet.

The BTS Indian Army is having issues ahead of the Bangtan Indian concert in 2022.

BTS's Indian Concert Ticket Prices

As a result, when concert rumours first arose, fans were surely overjoyed for a short time, but then the financial issue surfaced. Every BTS performance, as we all know, has established a new record for the most expensive tickets sold, with prices ranging from 5,000K to 50,000K and beyond. However, because the country has a huge number of followers who are either high school students or under the age of 18, if ticket prices reach a certain threshold, this can be a problem.

If you are one of them, you should reconsider your trip because, in comparison to other western countries, India's ticket prices are unlikely to climb due to the rupee's low exchange rate versus the dollar. Before organising such major events, the companies sponsoring the concerts and K-pop labels conduct extensive market research, so if it happens, prices will start at a minimum of Rs. 5K to Rs. 10K.

No allowance from home.

You could be able to connect with your fellow ARMY's of all ages if you're one of those desimy's. The main concern currently is that, unlike many Western countries, many Asian countries still have some restrictions on their children, and because concert culture is not widely acknowledged in many sections of the country, the chances of those fans gaining an allowance to attend the event are slim.

Students in high school must focus on their education, and conserving money for their performance must be a primary concern. They will be unable to attend, even if they are delighted to see the band perform in town. Take note, study hard, and one day you'll be able to buy a ticket to a global BTS concert because your favourite band isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so stay positive.

Concert Venue for BTS

In India, parents believe their children are capable of going on their own at a certain age, and in most cases, someone joins them. The news of the event in Gujarat's Ahmedabad is quite far away for many North Indians and North East Indians who have already welcomed K-pop to their mainland. Let's be clear: nothing has been determined yet, and these stories are based only on insider rumours that Hybe is considering alternative locations outside of Ahmedabad. It's still unclear how long the event will last or what alternative options are available, so don't give up hope.

Low Album Sales

In the case of BTS, increasing album sales is critical to perform in a specific country. The sale of these albums is nearly zero or very few in India, and direct shipping of official albums is also not available, so it may be a problem. However, we must not overlook the fact that the Indian BTS army is one of the largest fandoms and has helped butter, permission to dance, and other songs by their idols reach a milestone.

Market Distress

In recent years, India has seen a spike in k-pop fans, and the Indian BTS army has proven its devotion to the band by setting numerous records. The Indian ARMYs of BTS were instrumental in the group's largest Spotify launch. India came in second place among the top three countries in terms of Spotify streaming. "Butter" attracted a huge number of streams! They also released "Butter," which was Spotify India's largest debut ever.

They have also staged various projects and billboard displays for their favourite members; whether it was a humanitarian project or a refuge for street dogs, they have shown their love several times. However, as we discussed in our previous article, the emergence and history of K-pop was rather dramatic, starting in India's northeast area and moving to the mainland, and is still increasing, so there may be a market scarcity. We cannot overlook the fact that the market is the most important consideration for any international artist, so making any assumptions ahead of time is impossible.

Why Is India The Best Place To Hold A K-Pop Concert?

As neighbours, Indians go out of their way to help South Koreans, and we are also the friendliest country for visitors. This isn't the first time a Korean pop band has tried to break into the Indian market. A large number of Koreans have visited India's northeast, including K-pop stars. KARD, MONT, VAV, and N-SONIC are only a few examples. Apart from that, Indians hold international musicians in high regard, so it's safe to expect that idols will have a fantastic time in India.

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