Why Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Contestant Ayesha Trending On Twitter

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Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 contestant Ayesha became the most popular contestant, and she earned a huge fan following outside the Bigg Boss Tamil house. Bigg Boss Tamil 6 viewers are predicting Ayesha will be the top finalist in the grand finale. Netizens are loving her performance and are impressed with her behaviour. Ayesha's fans are trending her for the support and asking Bigg Boss Tamil viewers to vote for her. Anyway, she is getting the highest voting percentage every week and escaping the eliminations. We can say that Ayesha is emerging as a strong contestant in the show. They say that Ayesha will be the first female contestant to get into the finale. On the other hand, Ayesha's fans say that contestants are targeting her in every week's nominations. In yesterday's nomination task, Ayesha, Ram, and Aseem are nominated by many contestants with reason. It is said that Ayesha or Ram are most likely to eliminate this week.

Anyway, the show has completed its eight weeks and entered into the ninth week. The predictions of who will win the title this season have already risen in the minds of Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 viewers. Azeem, Vikraman, and Shivin are strong contenders this season.

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