What Would SPB Have Wanted For Us To Do Now?

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SP Balasubramanyam lived his life as a workaholic. He never denied to sing a song or sing for a cause or sing for a composer until recently. As he reached a level of success and to a point where he got to know that he can influence people around him. He decided to be a symbol of humility and simplicity, humbleness. 

But he never minced his words while talking about the importance of languages. He did not just talk about the importance of his mother tongue, Telugu but he also talked about the lyrical values in Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam, Hindi languages as well. 

He wanted people everywhere to give respect to their mother tongue while they learn other languages. He asked them to learn the language, perfect their pronunciation, even if they are not singers or orators. He believed that every human being should respect their mother tongue as it means they respect their parents. 

Also he wanted Indian culture to be guarded as heritage by the younger generations. He wanted people to learn to respect and trust others. He always wished for people to lead their lives in harmony and peace. 

Now, to give him the real tribute that he deserves, we have to start respecting our mother tongue, be it Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Tulu or any language. We should all take an oath that we will lead our lives with compassion towards others. This is the only tribute the legend would have wished for, to honor his memory. 

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