Vijayak Helps His Village In Reduction Of Covid Cases!

 - Sakshi Post

Sonu Sood has become the go-to man for every person in India to reach out for any sort of help. The actor decided to do whatever he can to help his fellow Indians during this pandemic. 

We are slowly hearing about other celebrities too, who are doing what ever and how much ever they possibly can for others. Director Vinayak is highly attached to his village. 

He likes to talk about his childhood times and particularly, about his village with his close friends. He is obviously disturbed about how people in his village are being able to cope up with Covid cases, during the pandemic. 

The director after coming across a Homeopathy doctors' Corona prevention medicinal packet, he used it personally and then sent packets worth of Rs. 10 lakhs to his villagers. 

He is happy that the cases from his village have reduced after using preventive methods prescribed by the doctor along with the medicine. The director found the doctor few years when he had a long term health issue and this doctor could cure it. 

Hence, he decided to take homeopathy route to prevent the number of infections, during the pandemic as well. The director himself, revealed these facts in one of his recent interviews. 

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