Vijay Antony Releases Bitchagadu 2 Movie First Look

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HYDERABAD: Music director-turned-actor Vijay Antony has announced a sequel to his super hit Telugu film Bitchagadu which was dubbed from Tamil film Pichaikkara. Vijay Antony has released the first look of the much-awaited film Bitchagadu 2 movie on the occasion of his 45th birthday on Friday.

He released the first look through his Twitter account. In the first look, he was seen showing his back by standing in the opposite direction to the camera, and looking at the crowd.

'Bitchagadu', which was released as a small budgeted film in 50 single-screen theaters in Telugu states amid no expectation, stunned film industry pundits after making steady gains at the box offices, helped by a positive mouth talk.

The film's tagline of the 'Billionaire', made for a good filmy irony, creating a positive buzz among the filmgoers.

With a good storyline, gripping narration besides Vijay's powerful acting, the film turned out to be one of the favourites for the Telugu audiences, known for opening their hearts for films from any region if they have some substance in them. With the patronage of the Telugu filmlovers, 'Bitchagadu' proved yet again that no matter what is the scale of the budget, films can mint gold at the box office.

Bitchagadu collected nearly Rs 20-crore share in Telugu states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.  

The sequel for Bitchagadu will be directed by Priya Krishnaswamy, who helmed the national award winning film Baaram.

Music for this upcoming movie will be composed by Vijay Antony and cinematography by Theni Eswar.

Buzz is that the movie team will start the shooting works by the end of the year and the movie will hit the screens in 2021.

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