Uttar Pradesh: Balika Vadhu Director Sells Vegetables In Azamgarh

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The dangerous coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of many people. Most of the folks are facing a lot of troubles. The COVID-19 crisis has hit many industries and the film industry is one amongst the list. TV celebs, film stars, technicians are going through a difficult time.

Ram Vriksha Gaur, one of the directors of the popular TV serial 'Balika Vadhu', is now selling vegetables in Azamgarh district. He worked as an assistant director with Yashpal Sharma, Milind Gunaji, Rajpal Yadav, Randeep Hooda, and Sunil Shetty.

He told reporters that, "I had come to Azamgarh for the recce of a film. We were here when the lockdown was announced and then it was not possible to return. The project we were working on was stopped and the producer said it would take another year or more to get back to work. I then decided to take on my father's business and started selling vegetables on a handcart. I am familiar with the business and have no regrets."

He further added that, "I went to Mumbai in 2002 with the help of my friend and writer Shahnawaz Khan. I worked in the light department and then in the production department of TV serials. I became an assistant director in the production of many serials first, then worked as the episode director and unit director for 'Balika Vadhu'."

He said that, "I have my own house in Mumbai and I am confident that I will return one day. Till then, I am here doing what I can."

Annup Sonii, who played one of the lead roles in the serial responded to the news and said that, "It's sad. Our Balika vadhu, team got to know and getting in touch with him to help."

Sonii said that, "Actually a lot of people did not know because he worked as a second unit director. What I have understood from Balika Vadhu team is that they are trying to get his account details. He is someone who owns a house in Mumbai, he is a very positive, self-respecting guy. So, the team is talking to him and to get his account details, and the whole Balika Vadhu team has agreed that as soon as we get the account details from him, we will contribute to help him, whatever he needs, in whichever way.”

He further added, “Monetary help is only what we can do. I can't guarantee somebody about a direction job or an acting job because that is a creative decision. The people whom he has worked with, like producers and directors, they are in touch with him. That is what I have checked with them and also told them to let me know whatever monetary help I can do.”

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