Upasana Says 'Last 20 Days Emotionally Drained Us!'

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Upasana Kamineni Konidela is one of the most popular star wives in the world of cinema. The 'Mega Bahu' shares her experiences and thoughts with the netizens through her social media accounts. She often shares some of the special moments from their personal and professional space. She is an inspiration to many and she speaks on different issues.

Recently, Upasana shared an emotional note on her Instagram and wrote that, "The last 20 days have emotionally drained us. We’ve lost 3 elderly in the family, heard sad news about Sushant Singh Rajput, the rising COVID-19 cases & soldiers giving their life to protect our country, it hasn’t been easy. Exactly a week ago was our 8 th wedding anniversary & neither of us were in the mood to celebrate. We ate 3 different kinds of avakaya pachadi annam with chips & watched tv. An unforgettable lesson learnt on togetherness. Each element in this image will help u discover something new about us." Here is the post.

In the photo, one could spot, Donna Hay book and it is all about living in balance. The book features super-fresh, healthy, and super-fast recipes. Upasana also shares tasty and healthy recipes through her YouTube channel.

A couple of days ago, Upasana shared a post on her Instagram and captioned it as,"These cute little lambs are going to end up becoming a hearty meal for this Chenchu tribe sometime soon. I’ve learn to accept & respect people’s eating habits & cultures. The Chenchu’s are amazing, their love for Mother Nature is unmatchable. It’s not right to shove our beliefs & opinions on others. Spread the message by suggesting conscious & ethical eating habits. Eat meat, but in moderation & know the source. The planet & our bodies need us to become more aware of the food choices we are making."

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