Unlock4: Only Open Air Theaters Can Operate!

 - Sakshi Post

From March 22nd, most of the Film Industry employees and employers are waiting for the day, when theatres re-open. They are planning to welcome audiences back to the theatres with good films. 

But the pandemic seems to be growing in influence across the countries. Big theater chains don't want to open theatres with 20% - 30% occupancy, only allowed. They want to start operations only when at the least 65-70% full houses are permitted. 

Such permission from governments will only arrive upon the introduction of a powerful vaccine or medication for the Covid-19 disease. 

In any case, several media leaks stated that the theatres could start operations from September second week as part of Unlock 4 program. But Central Government has decided to not let theatres to open till 30th September, as we reported earlier. 

They gave permission to start operations of open-air theatres from 21st September that too with top capacity of 100 members only. Schools will remain closed but 50% of the staff can attend from 21st September to decide on circullum and time table for the next academic year. 

Major film producers are now thinking to go ahead with OTT release plans as theaters might only open from November month. 

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