Udaariyaan Serial Written Update January 3: Will Tejo Reveal Truth To Family?

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Rupi and family members feel elated after seeing Tejo. Angad warns Fateh to stay away from Tejo and asks him not to hurt her. Angad decides to marry Tejo at any cost and not allow Fateh to get close to her. Fateh and Jasmine also return home hoping to regain Tejo's love and trust. Jasmine takes a vow to take revenge on Fateh and Tejo.

In yesterday's episode, Fateh reveals the truth about his and Jasmine's marriage. Fateh tells Tejo that he loved Jasmine and left everyone for her but she cheated him. Fateh tells Jasmine helped Jass to trouble Tejo. Tejo gets stunned by listening to the truth where Jasmine tries to provoke Tejo but Fateh kicks her out. Jasmine vows to take revenge on Tejo and Fateh. Later Tejo asks Fateh did Angad knows the truth where he agrees and tells he said Angad. Meanwhile, Tejo tells Fateh that either he or Angad can't take decisions in her life. Fateh asks to forgive him for everything he did. Later Tejo questions Angad why didn't he tell about Fateh and Jasmine. Tejo lashes out at Angad and tells him to stop caring about her. Tejo leaves Angad's house goes to her home. 

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