Udaariyaan Serial Written Update December 24: Tejo Discovers Truth About Fathe-Jasmine Marriage

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Angad talks to Fathe and tries to convince him, but fails. Fathe asks Angad to marry Tejo and Angad asks if he sure about it. Tejo recalls her memories with Fathe and tells herself that she can't forget Fathe and marry Angad. Meanwhile, Angad gets back home and tells Tejo that he met Fathe at Sharma's house. Angad tells Tejo that Fathe only saved her from the mishap. Tejo rushes to Sharma's house. Will Tejo meet Fathe?

In yesterday's episode, Jasmine tells Sweety to ask Candy about Fathe's whereabouts where he can't stay away from his family. Angad take cares of Tejo. Riya's Nani visits Angad's house and warns Tejo that she will take Riya's custody at any cost and someone is supporting her. Riya's Nani joins hands with Jasmine to ruin Tejo's life. Meanwhile, Angad meets Fathe where Fathe gets stuns. Fathe questions Angad about how did he find him. Angad tells he did a mistake in the hospital in the sign where he found out his whereabouts. Fathe tells everything to Angad that he did not marry Jasmine. Later Angad asks Fathe that did he still wants Tejo. Meanwhile, Jasmine provokes Riya's Nani. Angad tries to explain to Fathe to go back home but he refuses to go. Khushbeer calls Tejo and tells her to get married to Angad. Elsewhere, Angad asks Fathe that do he still loves Tejo. Gurpreet requests Khushbeer not to force Tejo for marriage. 

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