Two Male Friends Exchange Allegations On Each Other In Sravani's Case!

 - Sakshi Post

Telugu serial actress Sravani was found dead in her apartment by family members. She had decided to die by suicide and her family members were unaware of the mental trauma she was going through. 

They suspected her recent social media friend, Devaraju Reddy. But Devaraju came up with a new video, in which Sravani's other make friend, Sai was seen scolding her. 

Devaraju alleged that he tried to help Sravani to find courage to go against Sai. He said that they met for dinner few days ago and he tried to pacify Sravani. But then, Sai came to the restaurant they were seated in and created huge drama, as per Devaraju Reddy's version. 

He alleged that Sai was the true harasser of Sravani and he should be arrested for treating her so harshly. He said that he was the reason for her death. 

Sai denied all allegations and said that he and Sravani were close family friends. He clarified that he has nothing to hide and he has been talking to police from the beginning. 

He in reverse alleged that Devaraju Reddy tried to expedite money from Sravani and he tried to help her. Well, the actress did not leave any suicide note to indicate police in the right direction to investigate case, suggest latest reports. 

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