Trisha Krishnan Movies Go OTT Way!

 - Sakshi Post

Trisha Krishnan has been one of the most popular actresses of South Indian Cinema. She managed to stay in the game for more than two decades, now. 

The actress saw many ups and downs throughout her career. She always found a way to reach the top after a major downfall. Her recent films like Hey Jude and '96 became critical and commercial successes, too. 

Now, with her popularity again on the surge, we hear that two of her films that were long delayed cracked OTT deals to finally release. Her movies  Saturanga Vettai 2 with Aravind Swamy and another old one will release on Amazon Prime Video. 

The OTT giant will announce the dates in coming few weeks. Arvind Swamy did not like the final cut of the movie, Saturanga Vettai 2 and allegedly tried to sabotage its release plans for long time. 

Other media reports from Tamil Cinema suggest that the actor did not do anything but just wanted the producers to go for re-shoots and they denied. Hence, they started spreading these negative rumours against him.  

Anyways, movie will release soon on Amazon Prime Video for the fans of both the actors - Arvind Swamy and Trisha. 

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