Top 20 Shows To Binge On Netflix Right Now

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With a wide range of series available on Netflix right now, you might end up getting confused. Take a look at our list of top 20 shows on Netflix right now. Add this to "To Watch" list and you are good to go. This list is not in order. 

1. The End of the F***g World

Fan of dark British humour, then this thrilling and exemplary show is a must watch for you all! With both the seasons leaving us surprised and pumped up, the story revolves around how a plan to kill turns into having feelings for each other.

2. Sex Education

With exciting cast and a new plotline, Sex Education's honest awakening is all what we need. A light entertainer with explicit sexy talks in healthy ways, this show surely demands a third season!

3. Glow

With relation to true wrestling incidents, this show will leave you laughing along with giving a strong positioning of women characters. Time to Glow with delightful.body over wrestling rings!

4. Unbelievable

The story and incidents surely leave you saying "unbelievable". With accusations on protagonist of lying about rape to portraying the dark truths along with complicated relationship, it's a hard hitting tale that would leave you in rollercoaster of emotions.

5. Never Have I Ever 

Story that every teenager would relate or want to try on, it's all about three girls who leave you stunned and laughing with their ideas to show people how they have grown mature! The race is hard but fun too, Watch to know how.

6. BoJack Horseman

An animated sitcom based on a humanoid horse. It is a very unusual way of portraying life stories. Created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, the story revolves around BoJack who was a 90-s star and lead in one of the hottest television shows. But now he has lost everything and is lost in booze and guilt. The story hits right in spot and focuses on some of the most important issues in life. 

7. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

The critically acclimated full metal alchemist is considered to be one of the best animes ever. The storyline is complex and interesting. The Elric brothers in an attempt to resurrect their mother from death make a gamble which costs one of them their whole body and another an arm and a leg. In a hope to get themselves back they set out on a journey to find the philosopher's stone. It is full of mystery and keeps you wanting for more.The animation style is good and pleasing to the eye. All the characters are well rounded including both protagonist and antagonist.

8. Crash Landing on You

It is a fun show. A not so typical romance which keeps you entertained. The 16 episodes are an easy watch once you get into it. The premise is basic about how a rich and successful girl unintentionally "crash lands'' in North Korea from South Korea and how she falls in love with an army officer. There are many subplots to it as well which keeps the storyline intriguing. The parallels shown from a city to a village type set up leaves you in awe. The side characters add a lot to the story and make you fall in love with them as well. There isn't a character which isn't memorable.  It's a great ride which you should definitely be a part of.

9. Dark

When people say you need to have a book and pen while getting ready to watch ‘Dark’ they aren’t lying. With time-travel, twisted family relationships, sinful past and a very confusing family tree, this show is very intriguing. It gets confusing but better with every season. All the actors portray their characters really well. This German show provides a completely new experience. Three seasons and end to the twisted storyline, you will be happy to know, DARK does not end on a cliffhanger. 

10. Its okay Not To be Okay

This k-drama is unlike other typical korean dramas. A fresh drama with a different take to storyline. It is a story of road to emotional healing. You get connected to the characters and emotionally invested in the story. Each episode provides a different perspective to a typical view. 

11. Brooklyn Nine Nine

A police comedy sit-com. The show aired seven seasons now and every season has been loved by all. With friendship and really lovely emotional moments, this show also manages to talk about social issues in a way that would make people understand well. Jake (Andy Samberg) might seem like a goofy guy but when it comes to doing his police work, he can be as serious. A combination of fun, touching social issues in the best way possible and amazing moments of friendship. If you are looking for a light-hearted watch, Brooklyn nine nine is the one. 

12. Money Heist

The criminal mastermind who goes by “The Professor” plans the biggest heist in history. The plans involving bank names and details, this team is ready to get into action with their intricate plans. The subs are available as well but the show is better than that. 

13. Suits 

Solving cases in court can become interesting too. You must have seen many courtroom dramas but nothing like this one. When Mike, a college dropout becomes an apprentice to New york’s one of the best lawyers, Harvey Specter, it becomes interesting to watch how this unusual duo take on cases while also keeping Mike’s identity a secret. 

14. Black Mirror

When humanity’s greatest achievement, Technology and innovation becomes a problem. This high-fi fiction gives us an insight into the future where things don't seem too happy. This show is an eye-opener. While entertaining with new concepts and storyline, this show also makes you think of the effects that our innovations can have on society. A well-written and well-presented show. 

15. Breaking Bad

When making money becomes everything! Things change when Chemistry Professor Walter White meets a former student of his. Dealing with concepts like drugs, money making, high chase between police and their biggest enemy, this show will leave you wanting for more. I cannot write much about this show, because every episode keeps you at the edge of your seat, writing anything more than just “Awesome” would end up becoming spoilers. You start feeling for the characters, especially our anti-hero Walter White. 

16. Sherlock

A modern take on the famous fictional character Sherlock Holmes by Sir Conan Doyle, this show stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The show is very intelligently written and the storytelling is very intriguing. The various adventures of Sherlock and Dr. Watson will always keep you interested. The portrayal by the actors is simply amazing. The deductions and mystery solving skills are extremely clever. Try not to blink, or you will miss out on details. You better not delay watching it anymore because my friends, the game is on!

17. Schitt’s Creek

When a super rich family goes bankrupt all they have is a small town left to their name. The award winning show created by Dan Levy is a fun show to watch. 80 episodes filled with laughter, sarcasm and lots of drama. 

18. Delhi Crime

If you have given a chance to Scared Games on netflix, give a watch to Delhi Crime as well. This is one of the best Indian series on netflix right now. Following the story of the most serious crime that shook the nation. This show does not try to sensationalize anything, but focuses on the reality of Delhi city. 

19. Unorthodox 

Just like its name, this show follows the story of a girl who runs away from her marriage to lead an independent life. According to society, her family and everyone around her, these independent beliefs are “Unorthodox.” It is a limited series with just 4 episodes. In a short watch you get to learn new things about the Jewish culture and communities. 

20. The Big Bang Theory 

Big bang theory is one of the most famous modern sitcoms. It is a treat to watch for all the people who love pop culture. The show beautifully depicts the development of a group of 4 socially awkward men. The growth of the group and the members is satisfying. All the members are interesting in their own way. One can definitely find a character they can relate to. It's a fun ride you should definitely not miss. Until you watch it? Bazinga!!

21. The Crown 

We cannot complete a list without adding this show. Based on the award-winning play ("The Audience"), this Netflix-drama is based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times. It is one of the most expensive shows ever. The set, the storyline and everything involved in this series, seems like a true masterpiece. 

So with this we have come to an end of our list. Hope you found just the kind of show you were looking for. 

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