Tollywood Rebel Star Enters Maa Elections Controversy?

 - Sakshi Post

With each passing day, MAA elections 2021 issue is taking up a new turn. According to the reports, Rebel Star Krishnam Raju will decide on whether to elect a unanimous leader or conduct elections. Prakash Raj, Jeevitha Rajashekar, Hema, Vishnu Manchu, and many others are contesting for the presidential post for MAA Elections. We all know that Krishnam Raju is the Chairman of the disciplinary committee of MAA.

Over the last few years, we have been witnessing ugly spats among the association members and sometimes they even fight in front of the media. Four months ago, Megastar Chiranjeevi who was one of the members of the disciplinary committee and Founder-President of MAA has tendered his resignation from his position. A disciplinary committee was formed under the chairmanship of Krishnam Raju. Chiranjeevi, Murali Mohan, Mohan Babu, and Jayasudha were its members.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the elections for MAA have been postponed. Naresh, the president of MAA made it clear that that the elections are going to be conducted in the month of September. 

According to the reports, Krishnam Raju has asked the other members to give their opinion on when to conduct the elections. It is said that Krishnam Raju is going to take a final call on when to conduct the elections and will also further decides on electing a unanimous leader for MAA.

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