Telugu Actor Blackmailed VJ Chitra With Private Video, Threatened To Show Husband Hemanth

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The case of the suicidal death of Tamil serial actor VJ Chitra is taking a different turn at every stage of its investigation. 

Now, a close friend of Chitra has made a startling revelation about her death! Initially, it was said that her husband Hemanth was responsible for the death of the actress. Later, we heard that Chitra didn't have a good relationship with her family members. It was also said that she quarreled with her mother for hours before committing suicide. 

But now, a close friend of Chitra has stated that Chitra was in a relationship with a young telugu actor. This Telugu actor who had a political background had made a private video of Chitra and had threatened her that he would show the video to Hemanth. This statement of Chitra's friend has given a new turn to this case. 

Chitra's friend has further added that this young Telugu actor had threatened her several times pressuring her to come and join a political party on the New year day of 2021. According to her co-actors in the serial, Hemanth had come to the shooting sets and had quarrelled with her in front of everyone suspecting her integrity. He continued his quarrel even after returning to the Hotel in which both were staying and had reportedly threatened to divorce her, it is being said. 

After this Chitra committed suicide. Police have arrested Hemanth and investigations are on and the truth is yet to come out. It may be recalled that Chitra and Hemanth had secretly married on October 21 and had planned to announce their marriage in the month of February. But Chitra's family had opposed this marriage.

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