Swathi Deekshith Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu 4 House But Is There A Twist?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is picking up pace and fetching good TRP ratings. If you are a show lover, then you would have observed contestants like Sohail, Abhijeet, Ariyaana, Abivnash, Amma Rajaskhar and Harika appear to be giving the impression that they are meant for a long race and survive for a long time in the house. Everything is unpredictable in the Bigg Boss house. Sometimes in tasks, friends become foes and there is no guarantee about the contestants’ equation in the house. Show lovers have high expectations on Lasya and Noel Sean but they are not making any serious splashes in the show. This, even after they are being highlighted very well in the footage.

Talking about the contestants that are in nominations for this week are Kumar Sai, Lasya, Sohail, Mehboob, Harika, Abhijeet and Swathi Deekshith. If you have observed, this week, Sohail and Mehboob have turned the game on its head and grabbed many eyeballs. Probably, this could be the reason why Mehboob is believed to be in a safe zone. Then, comes the obvious question. Who else will be shown the door this week, if it is not Mehboob? If reports are anything to go by, it is Swathi Deekshith, who has made a wild card entry last week. Grapevine has it that she was evicted this this week. And in a big twist, the elimination was done in the Saturday episode itself. All the nominated contestants were asked to use a pistol and shoot themselves in the head. The one shot comes with sound and not a click, that contestant is eliminated. And Swathi Deekshith Swathi turned out to be the one in the second round of shooting. Swathi Deekshith is an actress. She acted in films like “Breakup”, “Pattapagalu” and “Jump Jilani”.

There is a strongly sourced information which claims that a twist is in the offing as Swathi Deekshith could well be sent to the secret room after a fake elimination is enacted in the house. In such a case, the elimination tussle will be between Kumar Sai and Mehboob on Sunday. 

Also, if you have gone through Star maa promos of tonight episode, then you might have seen Nagarjuna breathing fire on contestants especially Abijeet and Harika for speaking in English in the house. Several times Bigg Boss cautioned them not to speak in English but some of the contestants are not paying heed to it. Nagarjuna is seen warning Abijeet and Harika for the last time. He is also seen asking the contestants to play their own game instead of playing others’. In the killer coins task, a few inmates did it. Perhaps, by the end of Saturday’s episode we will get enough indications on who is going to be in the danger zone for Sunday and who all will be safe.

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