Sudheer Babu Says He Cannot Ask Mahesh For More!

 - Sakshi Post

Young actor Sudheer Babu has been trying to find his feet as an actor in Telugu Film Industry from over a decade now. His market is still vary and he couldn't consolidate it with any big hits. 

Some of the friends and well-wishers of the actor feel he should ask for help from Mahesh and Krishna. But the actor said in a recent interview that if he decides ask more from Mahesh, then it will be like taking dowry. 

He said that when he took a decision to become an actor, he decided to do so after getting acquainted with the business as a distributor. He said that his friends helped him in getting into a shape. 

He thanked Mahesh for giving him suggestions post release of his films and for attending his audio functions. He said that he made a promise to himself that he would not ask more than that from the actor and Krishna garu, hence he will stick to it. 

Sudheer Babu expressed extreme satisfaction and said that he is happy with the response "V" received. He revealed that many appreciated for his looks and performance. 

He thanked Nani and Indraganti Mohan Krishna for making him a part of the film.

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